Acrylics, Watercolors and Oils


Jon has been creating art since he was in grade school, when he sometimes was more interested in doodling in his notebooks than paying attention and taking notes. Although he had various jobs over the years in landscaping, insurance and communications, his goal, now realized, was to be a full-time artist.  He lives in Perry County, Pennsylvania, which is a perfect area for him to draw inspiration for his artwork which includes birds, butterflies and insects; flowers; mammals; and landscapes.  He feels a special affinity for trees and old barns.  He enjoys working in various mediums including watercolors, acrylics and oil.  He also likes to venture into mixed medias.  Jon enjoys the challenge of experimenting with various techniques to create realistic and impressionist drawings and paintings. 

Jon has also been teaching watercolor for approximately three years.  His classes have more of a workshop atmosphere than a typical classroom.  He demonstrates fundamental techniques and then provides individual attention as his students work with live subjects or photographs.  He enjoys helping his students see objects in new and different ways.  

"Teaching also helps improve my creativity and I greatly value the personal friendships our group has formed"  - Jon Tritt 
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